Songs of Moors & Misty Fields

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About Songs of Moors & Misty Fields

  • Year Released: 1997

Songs of Moors & Misty Fields (1997) is the second album by the German band Empyrium. Elaborating on their previous full-length album, A Wintersunset... released a year before, with Songs of Moors... Empyrium delve into a more sophisticated intricacy of what is sometimes called "romantic metal", offering a complicated mix of percussion, flutes, bass guitars and synths, together with its will-be trademark deep baritone male vocals performed by Schwadorf himself (who also plays virtually all the instrument parties, except for keyboards). The album contains some of Empyrium's longest tracks (e.g. Track 3), presenting a more epic-like musical texture. By many the album is deemed as a true masterpiece of melancholic, dramatical metal. "This is music that effects a precipitous ambiance of vast landscapes of natural beauty that always brings sentimental sadness and haunting impressions to the beholder. It speaks of the frigid desperation of experiential anguish and delicate yet crushing weight of emotional affectations and lamentations, and aches for the uncultivatable essence of nature. Empyrium have crafted a divine work of emotional and absolutely invigorating musical art." [Review at

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