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Smosh is a web-based comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox (born November 30, 1987) and Anthony Padilla (born September 16, 1987). Padilla first began posting flash movies on Newgrounds in early 2003, under the name Smosh. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox. Soon afterward they began to post videos on YouTube in the autumn of 2005 and became one of the most popular channels on that site, with more than 5.4 million subscribers and 1.7 billion video views as of October 2012. Seven Smosh-related channels exist on YouTube, though only four are very active. The base "Smosh" channel, where both Hecox and Padilla post their skits and other videos, has new videos every Friday. From "IanH" (used at first for vlogs and other non-scripted videos), the pair upload their side series "Ian is Bored" on Mondays and "Lunchtime with Smosh" on Thursdays, while their associate performer Mari does "Smosh Pit Weekly" videos on Saturday. On "ElSmosh", the duo uploads old episodes on Wednesdays and new episodes on Sundays that have been dubbed over in Spanish. "Shut Up! Cartoons" airs a number of animated series, created by different animators, it uploads videos on weekdays. "SmoshGames" uploads

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