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  • Year Released: 2009

Smash Cut is a 2009 Canadian slasher film released by Odessa Filmworks and Zed Filmworks, distributed by Imagination Worldwide LLC. Lee Demarbre directs this film, which is produced by Robert Menzies. Television news celebrity April Carson (Grey), working for station manager Fred Sandy (Lewis, in a cameo appearance), turns to the services of private investigator Isaac Beaumonde (Jesse Buck) to seek her missing sister, a stripper known as Gigi Spot (Jennilee Murray). Carson assumes a role in a horror movie in the process, eventually learning that the movie's director, Able Whitman (Hess), is not only the culprit, but that he has rendered her sister's body into props for the production. Whitman then requires more "props" for his film, which means more body parts, which in turn requires a killing spree. Meanwhile, detective Beaumonde pursues an increasingly deadly and grisly case. Filming was conducted between 9 May and 4 June 2008 in Ottawa, Ontario at area locations including the Mayfair Theatre and Rockland, Ontario. Smash Cut features actors Sasha Grey, David Hess (The Last House on the Left) and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) and Ray Sager (The Wizard of Gore). This film

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