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About Skyline

  • Year Released: 2010

Skyline is a 2010 alien invasion science fiction film directed and produced by the Brothers Strause, directors of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. The film was released on November 12, 2010. It stars Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Donald Faison, and David Zayas. The Brothers Strause asserted before the film's release that Skyline would be the first film in a series, which would include at least one other film. Jarrod and his girlfriend Elaine have flown to Los Angeles for Jarrod's best friend Terry's birthday party. They celebrate with Terry's girlfriend, Candice, and his assistant, Denise. During the party, one of Terry's employees, Ray, welcomes Jarrod to L.A., thinking he has moved there to join Terry's special effects company. During a private argument about whether or not they should move, Elaine reveals she is pregnant. The next morning, blue lights descend from the sky, mesmerizing anyone who looks at them. The light affects them physically, causing them to become zombie-like. Any immobilized humans are collected by the machines. Ray is taken, but Jarrod is saved when Terry tackles him, and he quickly returns to normal. He and Terry go to the apartment roof investigate the

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