Sepulcros de Miel

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About Sepulcros de Miel

Sepulcros de Miel (English: Tombs of Honey) is the twenty-first release by Omar Rodríguez-López, guitarist, band leader, and producer of The Mars Volta Group. Released under the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quartet name, this record features fellow Mars Volta members Juan Alderete & Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez as well as John Frusciante. The record was digitally released May 30, 2010, with a vinyl release to follow, scheduled to ship around August 15. Vinyl copies were finished early and supplied on July 15, 1,000 copies on purple vinyl and 1,000 copies on orange vinyl. This record is a free download with the option to donate money. All money raised will go to "Keep Music In Schools". Similar to the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch, this album is basically one long composition divided into several parts.

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