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  • Transit Lines: Seoul Subway Line 1
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Seoul Station is a major railway station in Seoul, South Korea. The station is served by the Gyeongbu Line, its high-speed counterpart and the Gyeongui Line, with frequent high-speed, express, and local services to various points in South Korea. The station is the primary terminus for the KTX and express services to Busan. The station is also served by about a dozen trains per day on the Honam Line and its express counterpart to Gwangju and Mokpo. The station used to be the terminus for all long-distance trains on the Gyeongbu, Honam, Jeolla, and Janghang Lines, but in early 2004, the terminus for most Honam, Jeolla, and Janghang Line trains was moved to Yongsan. AREX express trains provide service to Gimpo Airport and Incheon International Airport. Service began December 29, 2010. Seoul Subway serves the station with Line 1 and Line 4. ↑ Terminus ↓ Gongdeok·Incheon International Airport The former Seoul Station, named "Gyeongseong Station" started operating in a 33m (10 pyeong) wooden building in July 1900 with the extension of the Gyeongin Line north of the Han River. It was originally located near Yeomcheon Bridge and was renamed as "Namdaemun Station" in 1905, due to its

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