Seaway International Bridge

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About Seaway International Bridge

  • Body Of Water Spanned: Saint Lawrence River
  • Bridge Type: Suspension bridge
  • Locale: Cornwall

The Three Nations Crossing is a border crossing connecting the city of Cornwall, Ontario in Canada to Rooseveltown, New York, a neighbourhood within the town of Massena, in the United States. The crossing is traversed by the Seaway International Bridge, which crosses the St. Lawrence River and is 4.7 kilometers (2.9 mi) in total length. The bridge is jointly owned by the Federal Bridge Corporation and the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. It is operated by the Seaway International Bridge Corporation, which came under the control of the Federal Bridge Corporation from the Saint Lawrence Seaway Authority in 1998. Previously known as the Cornwall-Massena International Bridge, the SIB was a private bridge whose outstanding stock was purchased by the Saint Lawrence Seaway Authority (Canada) and the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (U.S.) in 1957. It was incorporated in Canada five years later. The bridge consists of the South and North Channel Bridges. The South Channel Bridge was opened in 1958, and spans the St. Lawrence Seaway. The North Channel Bridge, opened in 1962, connects the City of Cornwall to Cornwall Island. In 2000, the international border

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