Salginatobel Bridge

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About Salginatobel Bridge

  • Body Of Water Spanned:
  • Bridge Type: Deck arch bridge
  • Locale: Schiers

Salginatobel Bridge is a reinforced concrete arch bridge designed by renowned Swiss civil engineer Robert Maillart. It was constructed across an alpine valley in Schiers, Switzerland between 1929 and 1930. In 1991, it was declared an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, the thirteenth such structure and the first concrete bridge so designated. As with his Schwandbach Bridge and Vessy Bridge, the structure's fame among civil engineers is a consequence of the techniques involved and the elegance of its design rather than its prominent location: it serves a town of about 2,500 people but is often visited by designers. Maillart had previously designed a three-hinged arch bridge over the Rhine at Tavanasa in 1904. In the 51 metres (167 ft) span Tavanasa bridge, the arch is thinnest at its crown and springing points, thickening in between to reflect the shape of its bending moment diagram. This bridge was destroyed by an avalanche in September 1927. Although Maillart didn't win the contract for a replacement bridge, he entered a competition the following year for the bridge at Salginatobel, with a three-hinged arch spanning 90 metres (300 ft) that used the same overall form

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