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Rob Bryanton is a Canadian author, composer, and sound designer. He lives and works in his home town of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He is the author and creator of the book and website, Imagining the Tenth Dimension. Bryanton has composed soundtracks to a number of Canadian TV episodes, and has been nominated for 10 Gemini Awards, mostly shared with several other composers . Since 1995, Bryanton has been a co-owner of Talking Dog Studios. Bryanton was once the president of the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association In July 2006, Bryanton published a book about a "new way of thinking about time and space", called Imagining the Tenth Dimension. It equates time, parallel universes, and the omniverse with Euclidean geometry. Bryanton continues to elaborate on his ideas in a video blog project of the same name. The initial animation describing ideas from the first chapter of Bryanton's book grew to become a popular viral video after being posted to YouTube in 2007. Some experts see Bryanton's hypothesis of ten dimensions as speculative or philosophical, lacking mathematical explanation. Bryanton insists his theories are simply a more intuitive explanation for the mathematics of

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