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The Ricoh Source Code Public License is a software license intended for open source software creation. RPL : Ricoh Silicon Valley, Inc. (now Ricoh Innovations, Inc.), a California corporation, wrote the license. It is used for a program named by Platform for Information Applications (PIA), a software framework that aims to make the creation and maintenance of information applications as easy as creating web pages. Its goal is to be responsive to the needs of developers. It supports the community of developers who build information applications by helping to create software that extends the open standards of the Web to provide an easy way for specifying processing as well as content Ricoh Innovations, Inc expressed that in their homepage; "There's no better way than open source to develop robust, simple to use, cost effective systems. The best example of this is the World Wide Web, which was founded on open source software. We believe that the PIA technology will extend the power of the web to give offices, especially smaller offices, greater ability to manage their information in the most cost effective way." RPL does not explicitly discuss compatibility with the GPL. It is said

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