Return to hansala

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About Return to hansala

  • Year Released: 2008

Return to Hansala is a 2008 film. At the beginning of this decade the bodies of eleven young Moroccan immigrants who were trying to cross the Straight appeared on the beaches of Rota. From their clothes, it was discovered that they all came from the same village, Hansala. The film tries to portray that event through the eyes of Martín, a funeral parlor owner who tries to make money on their deaths, and Leila, the sister of one of the dead boys. Together, they adventure into trying to repatriate the boy’s body by van and live an intense moral experience that will lead them to question their beliefs. This is a very special film, which has already participated with success in several international film festivals, Dubai, and El Cairo, among others. It is a social drama, which shows the plight of African immigrants to Spain: a woman loses her brother in an illegal immigration attempt and must return his body to their homeland. It is also interesting because Spanish, Arabic and Berber are used in the film (with subtitles in English) and depicts some fascinating sequences of remote Moroccan culture. The film begins with several bodies washing up on the Spanish shore, near the coastal

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