Retenez moi...ou je fais un malheur

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About Retenez moi...ou je fais un malheur

  • Year Released: 1984

Retenez Moi...Ou Je Fais Un Malheur was filmed in 1983. It was released on January 11, 1984 in France by the Gaumont Film Company. Jerry Logan (Jerry Lewis) is a Las Vegas police officer who is visiting France to see his ex-wife (Charlotte de Turckheim), who he is still friendly with. She is remarried to Laurent Martin (Michel Blanc), who is a police officer in France. The two men do not hit it off very well at first, but eventually they team up to solve the case of some art smugglers. This was one of two films that Jerry Lewis made in the 1980s strictly for European release. They have never been released in the US, although it has been given at least two tentative US release titles, To Catch a Cop and The Defective Detective. Lewis has stated that as long as he has control over distribution they will never be released in the US.

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