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About Reiterate

Reiterate is the eighth full length album from the Christian Rap group GRITS. It was released on September 16, 2008, and is the GRITS first release on their newly formed Revolution Art label. The album was nominated for a Dove Award for Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year at the 40th GMA Dove Awards. In support of the album's release, GRITS went on the road for the '30 Day Tour', which took them nationwide from mid-July through mid-August 2008. They also toured the summer festival circuit including Agape Fest, Ichthus Festival, Crossover Festival, Rock the Desert, Spirit West Coast, and the NewSong Festival. Plans for the 'Art Attack Tour' are also underway for September where GRITS will be joined by other Revolution Art music acts. word: reiterate root: Middle English, from Latin "reiteratus", past participle of reiterare to repeat, from re+iterate to iterate First known use: 15th century meaning: to state or do over again or repeatedly sometimes with wearying effect. example: Allow me to reiterate: if I am elected, I will not raise taxes. Reiterate your interest in the position, and you qualifications. related words: iterate, repeat, restate, retell

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