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Radio Disney is a radio network based in Burbank, California, which broadcasts music and other content targeted at children and young teenagers under age 16; its format can be described as a youth-targeted contemporary hit radio with heavy emphasis on teen idols. It is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Radio Disney is formatted like a traditional radio station, featuring prize giveaways (in which listeners can enter via phone, online and since 2008, text message) and occasional in-studio interviews called "Takeovers," which usually occur during the weekday late-afternoon timeslot. Radio Disney was launched on November 18, 1996 (coinciding with the anniversary of the debut of Steamboat Willie's 68th birthday) at 5:58 A.M. EST with the song "Get Ready For This." Their slogan was "We're all ears" that was used heavily on jingles. Radio Disney started with songs that were played on Top-40 stations as well as popular oldies and songs from various cartoon shows and movies. Some media analysts likened the Radio Disney product to a mix of child-friendly artists and contests with music, formatics and pacing borrowed from legendary ABC-owned top 40 stations of the past like WABC or

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