Pyramid Lake

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Pyramid Lake is the geographic sink of the Truckee River Basin and is located 40 mi (64 km) northeast of Reno. The inflow is moderately high silt-loaded surface runoff. Pyramid Lake is fed by the Truckee River after leaving Lake Tahoe and enters the lake from its southern end. There is no outlet, with water leaving only by evaporation, or sub-surface seepage. The lake has about 10% of the area of the Great Salt Lake, but it has about 25% more volume. The salinity is approximately 1/6 that of sea water. Although clear Lake Tahoe forms the headwaters that drain to Pyramid Lake, the Truckee River delivers more turbid waters to Pyramid Lake after traversing the steep Sierra terrain and collecting moderately high silt-loaded surface runoff. A remnant of the Pleistocene Lake Lahontan (~890 feet deep), the lake area was inhabited by the 19th century Paiute, which used the Tui chub and Lahontan cutthroat trout from the lake (the former is now endangered and the latter is threatened). The lake was first mapped in 1844 by John C. Frémont, the American discoverer of the lake who also gave it its English title. In the 19th century two battles were fought near the lake, a marker was placed in

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