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About Première!

Première! is Portuguese alternative rock band Qwentin's debut album, released on November 15, 2007 on Raging Planet records. The album's first song was, curiously, the last one written. Sung in Spanish, it reflects on the frailty of life, comparing it to an island "completely surrounded by death" ("somos solamente islas, pequeñas porciones de vida rodeadas de muerte por todos lados". These reflections are conveyed through the point of view of a fictional character who recalls everything that came to his mind while nearly drowning. Although it appears before "Mind (the) Thieves" (track #11), it is a sequel of it, as one might notice through the opening riff. The lyrics are in English. The album's first single, "Il Commence Ici", is spoken in French. The main theme is the concept of reality, as an ever-changing element of life ("le monde qu'on voit tous les jours quand on se réveille est sujet à des constantes mutations, transformations, déformations" - "the world that we see everyday, when we wake up, undergoes constant mutations, transformations, deformations"). This song is merely an excerpt of the song "Aqui.", as a teaser (track #10). A song in Italian based on a fictional

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