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About Prague

  • Year Released: 2006

Prag (English title, Prague), is an award-winning Danish film written and directed by Ole Christian Madsen, starring Mads Mikkelsen, Stine Stengade and Jana Plodkov√°. Married couple Christoffer and Maja have travelled to Prague to collect and bring home the body of Christoffer's father for burial in Denmark. When they have checked into their hotel, Christoffer visits the hospital mortuary. Having been estranged from his father since childhood, he views the corpse dispassionately and leaves with a cardboard box containing pyjamas and other possessions including a mobile phone. To Cristoffer's surprise, the phone rings and he finds himself speaking to a lawyer who is handling the estate--and who later turns out to be the father's gay lover. Returning to his hotel room, he confronts Maja with his knowledge of a clandestine affair she has been engaged in. She confesses to this but has not lost her love for her husband who, she claims, had grown apart from her. Christoffer learns from the solicitor that most of his father's assets have been committed to outstanding debts, but that he has inherited an unencumbered house. When he goes to inspect the substantial rural cottage, he meets the

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