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About PocketNES

  • Emulated Computer: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Emulated Peripheral Classes:
  • Emulated Peripherals:

PocketNES is an NES emulator which runs on the Game Boy Advance, written by Neal Tew (Loopy) and Fredrik Olsson (Flubba). It can run on a GBA through use of flash cartridges, or with the GBA Movie Player. The emulator has been released into the public domain, yet it remains under active development. More than a year after the first release of PocketNES, Nintendo re-released several of their NES games on the GBA through the e-Reader accessory, Animal Crossing GameCube game link feature, or Classic NES Series collection. Since PocketNES predates all of Nintendo's efforts, it is believed that PocketNES was the inspiration for Nintendo to create their own similar emulator. The GBA screen has a lower vertical and horizontal resolution than the NES's display. PocketNES compensates by either scaling the image down vertically, or by scrolling the image up or down. Such scrolling can either happen automatically, following the position of a sprite or value of a memory address, or manually using the GBA's L and R buttons. Sound is reproduced via the "classic" Game Boy PSG channels, rather than a software emulation of the NES's sound hardware; this is done to reduce CPU usage. As a result, it

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