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About PlusNet

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Plusnet is an internet service provider (ISP) based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Plusnet was floated on the Alternative Investment Market in July 2004, making them a public limited company (Plusnet plc). It has been owned since 30 January 2007 by BT Group, but operates as a separate business. Plusnet also operates the Metronet brand in the UK. Plusnet's origins go back to 1 February 1997, when Choice Peripherals, a PC computer-peripherals company launched Force9 Internet. Heavily involved in early Plusnet was founder of Choice Peripherals, Paul Cusack (Chairman), who later went on to create the hardware retailer Ebuyer, and Lee Strafford (Managing Director), who later went on to lead Plusnet through most of its development up to the sale to BT in January 2007. The first Force9 Internet products followed the dial-up Internet model popularised by Demon Internet (monthly subscription, plus the cost of local phone calls), but offered at a lower cost to subscribers (£7 a month + VAT) and including more value-add features. By October 1997 Force9 had achieved the milestone of 5,000 subscribers, assisted by a marketing partnership with Yorkshire Cable (later to become part of