Pittsburg/Bay Point

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  • Transit Lines: Pittsburg/Bay Point - SFO Line
  • Terminus For Lines: Pittsburg/Bay Point - SFO Line

Pittsburg/Bay Point is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station in the town of Bay Point, California. As the terminal station of the Pittsburg/Bay Point - SFO Line, it serves all of northern and eastern Contra Costa County, including the cities of Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley and Brentwood, as well as the Sacramento River Delta. The station opened on December 7, 1996. The eBart extension was a under construction DMU train from Pittsburg/Bay Point to the cities of Pittsburg, Oakley, Antioch, Byron, Brentwood and Discovery Bay. As of 2010 the extension is under construction with the first phase to include stations in Pittsburg/Railroad Avenue and Antioch/Hillcrest Avenue. This station is in BART District 2 and is represented by Joel Keller. In May 2008 a Library-a-Go-Go machine was added at this station, it is a vending machine that offers library books from the Contra Costa County Library system. This was BART's first book vending machine and the first on a transit system in the nation. Several Tri Delta Transit bus lines stop at the station: Rio Vista Delta Breeze:

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