Pipo en de p-p-parelridder

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About Pipo en de p-p-parelridder

  • Year Released: 2003

Pipo en de P-P-Parelridder (English translation: Pipo and the p-p-Pearl Knight) is a 2003 Dutch movie based on the children's television show Pipo de Clown. The film received a Golden Film for having drawn 100,000 visitors. From the late 1950s on, Pipo de Clown was one of the earliest and most popular children's television shows in the Netherlands. The show finally ended in 1980. In the late 1990s, the return of Pipo was touched upon when television talk show host Ivo Niehe interviewed Belinda Meuldijk, the daughter of Pipo's creator (Wim Meuldijk), and her husband, singer Rob de Nijs. Niehe tried to sell the idea to various broadcasters but without success, and the rights were bought by Endemol. Auditions were held, and Joep Dorren was chosen as the new Pipo. The script for a pilot and for six episodes was written, and the 40-minute long pilot (filmed in 1999 on Rob de Nijs's estate) proved very popular, selling 100,000 copies on video; still, the public broadcasting corporations had no faith in Pipo's chance of success and thought it would be too expensive. In the end Endemol decided to make the series into a feature movie, Pipo en de p-p-parelridder, directed by Martin Lagestee

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