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  • Operating Systems Developed: Slackware

Patrick Volkerding (born October 20, 1966) is the founder and maintainer of the Slackware Linux distribution. He is the "Slackware Benevolent Dictator for Life." Volkerding earned a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 1993. For a short while, Chris Lumens and others assisted with his work on Slackware. Due to the lack of a continuing revenue stream following the sale of his publisher, Walnut Creek CDROM, to BSDi (which was ultimately sold to Wind River Systems), these people had to be let go. For the last several years Patrick Volkerding has managed Slackware with the help of many volunteers and testers. Volkerding brings out new releases of Slackware roughly once a year. Volkerding is a SubGenius affiliate/member. The use of the word Slack in "Slackware" is a homage to J. R. "Bob" Dobbs: "I'll admit that it was SubGenius inspired. In fact, back in the 2.0 through 3.0 days we used to print a dobbshead on each CD." Volkerding is an avid homebrewer and beer lover. Early versions of Slackware would entreat users to send him a bottle of local beer in appreciation for his work. Volkerding is a Deadhead. As of early April 1994 he had been

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