Pass It Around

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About Pass It Around

Pass It Around is the debut studio album by the British rock band Smokie, released in 1975. Pass It Around features eleven original group compositions as well as two Chinn/Chapman songs. The Chinn/Chapman composed title song from the album was chosen to be the band's debut 45. The single "Pass It Around" / "Couldn't Live" was released on 21 March 1975 and was promoted on various TV shows, although it failed to make the all-important BBC Radio 1 playlist - the playlist controllers decided that the double-entendre lyrics were open to misinterpretation and might be construed to be a reference to smoking marijuana. This effective radio "ban" stopped the single in its tracks and it failed to make the UK Top 50. In order to promote the album, Smokey headed out on an extensive UK tour commencing 24 April 1975 as support act to Pilot, who were then riding high after scoring a UK No. 1 hit with "January". Despite their efforts, neither album nor single made a dent in the charts.

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