Onset of Putrefaction

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About Onset of Putrefaction

Onset of Putrefaction is the debut album by German technical death metal band Necrophagist. It was recorded almost solely by the band's founder, guitarist and vocalist Muhammed Suiçmez. He recorded all the vocal tracks and programmed the drum tracks with the help of a computer. The bass and guitar tracks were mostly recorded by him, with a few ones being recorded by former Necrophagist members - Jochen Bittmann recorded a few bass tracks, and Bjoern Vollmer recorded a few parts of Extreme Unction's guitar solo. The original version of the album was very difficult to obtain, due to distribution problems with the label that owned the rights. Willowtip Records founder Jason Tipton described the situation in an interview: I first heard Onset in 2000 and I started emailing Muhammed, then asking about releasing it in the US and stuff. Muhammed always wanted it to happen, but things were a complete mess. He had signed a really bad contract and his label had gone out of business and the rights to that album were sold to another company. So this company owned the rights to the CD and they were near impossible for anyone to deal with, in fact they weren't doing their job at all. They didn't

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