Olaf Fønss

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About Olaf Fønss

Olaf Fønss (17 October 1882–11 March 1949) was a Danish actor, director, producer, film censor and one of Denmark and Germany's biggest stars of the silent film era. Fønss' leading role in the 1913 Danish classic Atlantis made his face recognizable to movie fans. His role as the mad-scientist monster in the German Homunculus film series earned him status as a top matinee idol in Europe. In his later years, Fønss became politically active by directing two films for Denmark's Socialdemokratiske Parti (Social Democracy Party). He was president of the Danish Actor's Union from 1933–1947 and was a censor for the National Film Censor of Denmark for 14 years. Fønss was the older brother of actors Johannes and Aage Fønss.

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