Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

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About Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge

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  • Bridge Type: Suspension bridge
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The Ogdensburg–Prescott International Bridge, also known as the St. Lawrence Bridge and the Seaway Skyway, is a suspension bridge connecting Ogdensburg, New York in the United States to Johnstown, Ontario (a few kilometres east of Prescott) in Canada. Designed by Modjeski & Masters and completed in 1960, it has 6 spans and a main span of 350.75 meters (1,150.8 ft) totaling 1.5 miles across the Saint Lawrence River and Saint Lawrence Seaway. On the Canadian side, the bridge connects to Highway 16, a highway which interchanges with Highway 401 and Highway 416 that continues north to Ottawa. On the American side, the bridge connects to New York State Route 812, which connects with New York State Route 37 a few blocks from the southern end. Route 812 joins Route 37 west into Ogdensburg. It then goes south to Village of Lowville in Lewis County. Route 37 continues west to a fork at Morristown, N.Y. where Route 12 picks up to Alexandria Bay and Route 81. Other suspension bridges in Ontario:

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