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About NO$GMB

  • Emulated Computer: Game Boy
  • Emulated Peripheral Classes:
  • Emulated Peripherals:

NO$GMB is a Nintendo Game Boy emulator that can play most Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. There are two versions - DOS and 32-bit Windows. Like most emulators, the controls can be altered and the hexadecimal code can be edited, making it a suitable emulator for developers. The emulation is very accurate but lacks the support of the high color hack used in some Game Boy Color homebrews. Emulators capable of emulating the high color hack are KiGB and BGB. NO$GMB was entirely written in Assembly language and was distributed as shareware, at the price of 5 German Mark or 5 US$ (approximately 2.50 EUR). The registration unlocked features which were intended for developers but not regular gamers. The support for NO$GMB completely dropped after a cracker spread a serial number. Martin Korth, the author of this emulator, was not amused about this and entirely stopped the development of NO$GMB, citing this and harassment.

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