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About NESten

  • Emulated Computer: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Emulated Peripheral Classes:
  • Emulated Peripherals:

NESten is a software emulator for running Nintendo Entertainment System and Family Computer video game console programs in Microsoft Windows. NESten was originally written by two anonymous authors known as "TNSe" and "The Quietust" in 1999. NESten was written in Delphi. The latest version of NESten is version 0.61 Beta 1 and was released in February 2001. NESten supports nearly all NES titles and supports an extensive range of memory mappers. The emulator has support for all game controllers supported by DirectInput; up to 4 controllers are supported. A minimum PC setup of a Pentium II at 266 MHz is recommended. NESten does not support emulation of the NES zapper light gun or the Nintendo Power Glove. NESten has support for Family Computer Disk System diskette titles but does not provide the disk controller ROM image required to run Disk System titles. NESten supports the baseline specifications of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES utilized a Ricoh brand CPU based on the 6502 at either 1.66 (RP2A07) or 1.79 MHz (RP2A03), 2k of RAM, and 49128 bytes (nearly 48k) of ROM. NESten also emulates the NES console's Ricoh custom-made video processor (both NTSC and PAL versions) and

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