My Wonderful Day

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My Wonderful Day is a 2009 play by Alan Ayckbourn. It is about a nine-year-old girl, Winnie, who has an essay to write about her day, and records the shenanigans of grown-ups around her. This was the first Ayckbourn play to feature parts written specifically for black actors, and the first "adult" Ayckbourn play to feature a child as the main character. When Alan Ayckbourn announced his retirement as Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in early 2009, it was agreed with his successor, Chris Monks, that he would continue to première new works at the theatre, and also direct revivals of his plays. The first play directed at Scarborough under this arrangement was How the Other Half Loves, but it was not until October that year that his first new play was performed, with Ayckbourn technically working as a freelance writer and director under commission. The character of Winnie was first developed in an early draft of another Ayckbourn play, Life of Riley, where it was intended that she would receive French tuition from another character. Winnie's age changed from 11 to 9, her mother was renamed from Glynis to Laverne, but the French tuition formed an important plot element of

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