My life's on the line

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About My life's on the line

  • Year Released: 1978

60 Second Assassin (aka My Life Is on the Line) is a 1979 Taiwan martial arts film directed by Chung Wang. Hired killer 'Minute Fong' is so-called throughout the kung-fu world for his ability to beat an opponent in under a minute. With such an effective technique, Fong naturally gains an unnerving reputation throughout China. The killer is beginning to rethink the actions of his life though and sees the next few jobs as definitely being his last. After his girlfriend commits suicide he finds his priorities in life changing even though his employers promise him rich rewards for obedience. Fong agrees to take one final assignment; to kill a man named Lai in a specified town. The obvious catch is that the town is inhabited by scores of men with this name and therefore the assassin must carefully search out his target. While staying in the designated location, Fong befriends a local boy who proves to be a mischievous, yet good-hearted younster who is merely looking for a father figure. Over time, the supreme fighter agrees to teach the boy kung-fu so that he can defend himself and the rest of his family. As the master-student bond develops, so does the friendship between Fong and the

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