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About Mupen64

  • Emulated Computer: Nintendo 64
  • Emulated Peripheral Classes:
  • Emulated Peripherals:

Mupen64 (MUlti Platform Emulator for the N64) is a Nintendo 64 game console emulator. Mupen64 was originally developed on and for Linux, but is designed to be cross-platform. It has been ported to other operating systems supported by the SDL library, including Microsoft Windows, BeOS, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Mupen64 is free software. Mupen64's popularity became known after the website Goldeneye Forever used its online functionality to start tournaments. In 2001, Mupen64 was first publicly released. It originally advertised itself as a multiplatform emulator written using SDL, with a dynamic recompiler and a Microsoft Windows port. 8 days later it was announced that there would be a BeOS port of the emulator, which was released; however, it was not updated after version 0.0.4. Mupen64 was enhanced over time, gaining features like Recording, Sound Synchronization, and a GTK 2 GUI. Hacktarux had been working on the project actively until its last official release in 2005: Mupen64 0.5.1. In the core of Mupen64 there exist 3 different CPU emulators. An interpreter style CPU, an x86 dynamic recompiler, and a pure interpreter. The

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