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Lee Kin Mun (Chinese: 李健敏; pinyin: Lǐ Jiànmǐn), better known as mrbrown, is a Singaporean blogger best known for his social and political commentary amidst Singapore's tight media restrictions. Affectionately known by many as Singapore's "Blogfather", Lee is one of the more notable bloggers in the Singaporean blogosphere. His podcast attracts some 20,000 downloads per day. In 2007, Lee was the only Singaporean to make it to the annual list of Top 20 Asian Progressives in World Business Magazine. Lee was educated in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Hwa Chong Junior College. Created in March 2005, the mrbrown show is a podcast produced by Lee. It was formerly co-produced by Mr Miyagi, another local blogger, who has since left the show to pursue other interests. The show showcases guests from various quarters of Singapore, and parodies a wide variety of subjects, ranging from VISA's advertising campaign starring Richard Gere, to political satire. Zhng My Car, a recurring series in the mrbrown show, is a spoof of MTV's Pimp My Ride, and has seen over 100,000 downloads. Similarly produced and hosted by Lee, the WTF! Show (the "WTF!" is an abbreviation for "Wow, that's Fierce!") is

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