Mosman Park railway station, Perth

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  • Transit Lines: Fremantle railway line, Perth
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Mosman Park is a Transperth railway station 13.5 km from Perth railway station, Western Australia, on the Fremantle Line. Mosman Park station is located on the western edge of Mosman Park. The railway's right-of-way is between two important roads: Stirling Highway () and Curtin Avenue. There is one access point to the eastbound end of the Perth-bound platform and two access points, at the eastbound end and centre, to the Fremantle-bound platform. There is a track crossing at grade level connecting the eastbound ends of the platforms. Between 5.30am and 6pm all eastbound trains from Mosman Park, but one, travel through Perth to Midland Station. Trains bound for Perth and Midland leave at 15 minute intervals during daylight off-peak times, at 20 minute intervals during morning and afternoon peak periods, and at 30 minute intervals at night before midnight. Trains take 21 minutes to arrive at Perth during off-peak hours, and 17 minutes for peak trains. Fremantle-bound trains follow a similar schedule and take seven minutes to arrive at Fremantle. Buses only arrive and depart on the Stirling Highway, next to the Perth-bound platform. Reaching buses from Curtin Avenue or platform two

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