Miklós Vajna

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About Miklós Vajna

  • Operating Systems Developed: Frugalware

Miklᅢᄈs Vajna is the founder of Frugalware, a general purpose linux distribution, designed for intermediate users based on Slackware. From the Slackware-Red Hat Linux-Debian trio Miklᅢᄈs was mostly pleased with Slackware, but that has some serious imperfection: for example the slow package manager, the absence of supporting non-English languages and the native automatic package update. They try to drop nothing from Slackware's advantages (simplicity, speed, etc). But solved probably the three most important things - what I mentioned above. Besides, many-many small fixes and improvements have been made from the support and optional usage of submount to the default installation of nice fonts.

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