Metal Up Your Ass

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About Metal Up Your Ass

  • Year Released: 1982

Metal up Your Ass is a Metallica live demo recorded on November 29, 1982, at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco. The support band was Exodus, with their soon-to-be lead guitarist Kirk Hammett on guitar. The band played all their original material (nine songs) that they had written until that point, which included all the songs from their previous demo No Life 'Til Leather and two new songs (which were later released on the Megaforce demo). Two cover songs of English NWOBHM legends Diamond Head were played, "Am I Evil?" and "The Prince", however "The Prince" was not recorded as the tape had run out. Both the album cover and name Metal up Your Ass were to be used as the band's first album name and sleeve. However, the record company would not accept this name and Cliff Burton changed the name to Kill 'Em All.

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