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Matt Bachand is an American guitarist born on April 29, 1977. He has very strong death metal and thrash metal influences and he is also backing vocalist for the heavy metal band Shadows Fall. He is known for his deep growls or death growl which is often heard in death metal genre. In Shadows Fall, he can also be heard using a clean vocal style, such as in the song "What Drives the Weak." In his earlier days around the early through the mid 1990s he was a guitarist for the death metal band Exhumed (not the Deathgrind band) and played in another death metal band called Perpetual Doom for a little while. Matt and Jon formed Shadows Fall in late 1995 and released their first album Somber Eyes to the Sky in 1997, which was released through Matt Bachand's self-produced label Lifeless Records. He also played guitar and sang in a band called Empty, who released an 11-song CD,"Before the Sunrise", through Wilderness Records in 1996. The band's music is a far cry from heavy metal, and features Matt and Jeff Kukucka's harmonizing vocals together and playing acoustic guitars throughout. He will be the touring bassist on Times of Grace's upcoming European and North American tours. Bachand will

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