Marianna Komlos

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About Marianna Komlos

Marianna Komlos (September 3, 1969 – September 26, 2004) was a Canadian bodybuilder, fitness model and Valet. She is perhaps best known for her stint in World Wrestling Federation in 1999 as Marianna and "Mrs. Cleavage" Where she was the Manager and "mother" for a wrestler known as "Beaver Cleavage" a parody of the TV show Leave It To Beaver. Before she started bodybuilding, Komlos weighed as much as 197 pounds (89 kg). Komlos started competing in provincial contests in 1993, and eventually won the middleweight class at the British Columbia Championships in 1997. Jerry Kindela, editor-in-chief of Flex, said, "Marianna's one of the most beautiful bodybuilders I've ever seen." (Wennerstrom, 2004) Komlos appeared on the covers of many fitness magazines including Muscle & Fitness (September, 1997), Flex (November, 1997), Women's Physique World (December, 1997), and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness. She married mixed martial artist and stunt performer Paul Lazenby in 2004. Komlos died on September 26, 2004 from breast cancer. She was 35.

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