Live Demonstration

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About Live Demonstration

Live Demonstration is a demo tape made by British rock band Oasis in 1993, prior to their rise to fame. The tape helped secure a recording contract with Creation Records, with most of the tracks ending up on the band's first batch of releases, including their debut album, Definitely Maybe. In 1992, Oasis were an up-and-coming live act in Manchester, with a small following, but no signs of a record contract. Realising their potential, Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher contacted Tony Griffiths of the Liverpool band The Real People. The two had met on a North American tour with the Inspiral Carpets, on which The Real People had been the opening act and Gallagher had worked as a roadie. Gallagher asked him if Oasis could use their studio to produce a professional sounding demo which they could then send to record companies. Griffiths and his brother Chris claim to have taught the band a lot about recording songs during that period. Around a dozen songs were recorded at the studio at Dock Road, Liverpool in Spring 1993, of which six songs ended up on the final demo tape. The versions of "D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?" and "Married With Children" were recorded at the home of

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