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  • Year Released: 2009

Limb: Minimal Compositions, Instrumentals and Experiments 1980-1983 is a compilation album of early musical pieces written by J. G. Thirlwell for his band Foetus. It was released on May 15, 2009 by Thirlwell's Ectopic Ents label. Limb collects out-of-print and previously unreleased instrumental tracks from the early days of Foetus (Thirlwell's instrumental tracks would later be released under the names Steroid Maximus and Manorexia). Many of the pieces on Limb are influenced by minimalist composers, with Thirlwell citing John Cage, Steve Reich (particularly his phasing technique) and Terry Riley in the liner notes. A 20-minute phase piece of a looped Vincent Price sample is included as a bonus track in audio MP3. In keeping with Limb's minimalist theme, the album comes packaged with a book of minimalist art in Thirlwell's "signature color palette of red, white, black and gray." The pieces are in the styles of individual artists including Joan Miró, Bridget Riley and Wassily Kandinsky and art movements like Constructivism. Limb is packaged with a DVD featuring Clément Tuffreau's NYC Foetus documentary about Thirlwell's life in New York, along with several live performances of

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