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  • Year Released: 2007

Laura Warholic; or, The Sexual Intellectual is a 2007 novel by Alexander Theroux. The plot concerns the relationship between Eugene Eyestones, the writer of an advice column called "The Sexual Intellectual", and his editor's ex-wife, Laura Warholic, whom Eyestones pities more than likes. This basic story provides the jumping off point for Theroux's satire of American culture. The book was published by Fantagraphics Books, a comics publisher who had published Theroux's monographs on Edward Gorey and Al Capp. Notably, it is the first all-prose novel released by the publisher. Theroux stated they were the only ones "willing to publish the full manuscript without carping or cozy abridgements." (Miller, Anthony (November 11, 2007). "The Satirical Intellectual". LA CityBeat. Archived from the original on January 20, 2008. ) The cover design by the author shows an unreferenced photo of Evelyn Nesbit taken by Rudolf Eickemayer in 1901, a choice criticized to be "misleading at best" as the title character has no resemblance to her beauty, and the subtitle refers to a magazine

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