Kristian Levring

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About Kristian Levring

Kristian Levring is a Danish director born in 1957. He was the fourth signatory of Dogme95 movement in cinema. He lived eight years in France. He graduated in editing at the National Film School of Denmark and has edited a large number of documentaries and feature films besides directing two feature films, among these, Et skud fra hjertet (1986). He is the recipient of some 23 Danish and international awards for his commercials. The King is Alive (Dogme 4) is his third feature film. The King is Alive tells the story of a mixed group of tourists in Namibia, Africa, whose bus breaks down in a remote, abandoned village (formerly a mining town). Facing starvation, dehydration, cabin fever, and death, one of the group decides to stage a production of Shakespeare's King Lear and casts the others as characters. As the thin veneer of civilized behavior breaks down, the group experiences the absurdity of putting on a play (for no audience except one lone indigenous man) in such dire and fatal circumstances. Filmed in stark digital and adhering to the tenets of Dogme filmmaking, The King is Alive is a fascinating study in the dark heart of people under extreme stress. Herzogian in its theme

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