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Kris Krug (also known as "kk" and "kk+") is a fashion and editorial photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and founder of photography studio Static Photography. He is also a technologist who speaks internationally on the topics of Creative Commons, open source culture, photography and the Internet. Krug was the president of an online magazine called which he founded in October 1998. This was one of the earliest web communities available on the internet. In March 2004 He started Bryght (a Drupal development company). Bryght was acquired by Raincity Studios, a comprehensive purveyor of services related to the Web and social media, in November 2007. By way of the acquisition, he served as President of Raincity Studios until March 2009. He is an author, having co-written BitTorrent for Dummies with Susannah Gardner, an author/technologist. The book was published on September 30, 2005. Krug is the organizer and founder of PhotoCamp, a photography unconference with BarCamp origins. He has organized five unconference events including BarCamp Shanghai,, Barcamp Vancouver, and the past three years of Northern Voice.. Krug is a well known contributor to the

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