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About Kim Craig

Kimberly Diane "Kim" Craig nee Day is a fictional character in the Australian sitcom Kath & Kim, portrayed by Gina Riley. Along with her co-star who plays her onscreen mother, Jane Turner who plays Kath Day-Knight, Riley created the series and writes it. The Idea was originally grasped during the nineties while successful Australian shows such as Big Girl's Blouse had skits on them with identical characters of the same name. Kath and Kim aired first on 16 May 2002, and become a hit in Australia and Internationally. The series ended in 2007; Riley will return to screens as Kim in 2012 with The Kath and Kim Filum which will premiere in Cinemas Mid 2012. Kim appears to be very lazy and rude all the time. During the series, she is seen lying down most of the time or snacking. Kim often wears short t-shirts which allow her belly to show. She also seems to be bi-polar in what she wears, at some points she puts on anything (e.g baggy pants and a sweatshirt) and the rest of the time obsesses over herself in the mirror, basking in how "good she looks" in that outfit. Kim has long brown hair and always wears make-up. Kim smokes and is always seen in the Pantry of their Fountain Lakes Home,

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