Kel Knight

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About Kel Knight

Kel Knight is a fictional character in the Australian television show Kath & Kim, portrayed by comic actor Glenn Robbins. He plays the husband of Kath Day-Knight and is a passionate butcher. John Michael Higgins portrayed his American equivalent (Philip "Phil" Lesley Knight) in the American Series, and his portrayal was highly criticized. Kel comes across as an honest, respectable, reliable man who finds out he has many talents throughout the episodes. Kel takes pride in maintaining himself, however to to Kath's extent. He has greased down hair and wears pants which are too high for his body, often showing his socks. Kel's main hobby is probably his job. He takes great pride in his butcher shop at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, and also loves to cook. Together with Kath, Kel loves to exercise and do aerobics. He is a Sydney Swans supporter, much to the annoyance of Kath who supports Richmond Tigers. He is somewhat sexually ambiguous and is seen as a metrosexual. Kel is four months younger than Kath. He was very reluctant on the day of their (first invalid) marriage. Kel had previously had four of his past girlfriends/fiancees taken away from him, feeling he was unlucky in love and

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