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About Katherine

  • Year Released: 1975

Katherine (also known as The Radical) is a 1975 television movie starring Sissy Spacek, Art Carney and Henry Winkler. It was written and directed by Jeremy Kagan. Intended to portray the time period of the Vietnam War, the title character was based on the late Diana Oughton of the Weather Underground, who died in the 1970 Greenwich Village townhouse explosion when a bomb she was building accidentally exploded. Through a series of flashbacks, the film retraces the main characters' lives through the years 1964-1972. Art Carney, who won an Oscar this same year for the film Harry and Tonto, played Katherine's father. Julie Kavner, who at the time of this movie was playing Rhoda Morgenstern's kid sister Brenda on the TV show Rhoda and would later find fame on The Simpsons, plays Katherine's college roommate. The movie is available as a budget-priced DVD.

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