Kath Day-Knight

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About Kath Day-Knight

Kathleen "Kath" Darleen Day-Knight is a fictional character featured in the Australian television series Kath & Kim and is portrayed by Jane Turner. Her character has appeared on Multiple Australian Comedy Series including Fast Forward, Big Girl's Blouse and Something Stupid Before appearing on Kath & Kim'. Molly Shannon portrayed her American version in the short lived American series. Kath's character is considered an Australian Comedy Icon. Kath will return with The Kath and Kim Filum which is due to hit cinemas In 2012. The Idea for the series was originally grasped during the nineties while successful Australian shows such as Big Girl's Blouse had skits on them with identical characters of the same name. Kath and Kim aired first on 16 May 2002, and become a hit in Australia and Internationally. The series ended in 2007; Turner will return to screens as Kath in 2012 with The Kath and Kim Filum which will premiere in Cinemas Mid 2012. Jane Turner works with Gina Riley exclusively on Kath & Kim, as they are both credited as script writers and creators of the show itself. Kath considers herself a strong and successful mother who embodies the stereotypical housewife/urban mother

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