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Jeremy Talfer Nell (born 16 March 1979), often referred to by his pen name Jerm, is an award-winning South African cartoonist, social commentator, and blogger. He is the editorial cartoonist for The New Age and is the creator of a nationally syndicated daily comic strip, The Biggish Five . Nell was born and currently resides, with his wife, in Cape Town, South Africa. With no completed formal training, Nell became a cartoonist in November 2005, immediately following his departure from the mobile media and entertainment industry. Nell's first nationally syndicated comic strip, Urban Trash (first published November 2005), ended 27 June 2008. In 2007, coinciding with the newspaper's launch, Nell became the front page (and soon thereafter, political) cartoonist for The Times. Following the 2009 South African national election results, IEC commissioner Terry Tselane read out one of Nell's political cartoons, from The Times, on national television and cited it as inspiration for a nationwide toast. Playing on the phrase "the Big Five", The Biggish Five (first published 30 June 2008) is a South African daily comic strip written and drawn by Nell, syndicated throughout South Africa in

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