Jakki Degg

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About Jakki Degg

Jakki Degg (born 20 February 1978) is an English glamour model and actress. While the bulk of her work has been done in England, she has appeared in American film and television, and has posed for posters and magazine pictorials. Although born in Stone, Degg is from Hednesford, Staffordshire, England. Degg studied dance as a child, particularly ballet, and won several competitions. She went on to hairdressing school and managed a salon of her own by age 20. Jakki became famous when, at her mother's encouragement, she entered and won the inaugural Max Power magazine babes competition. Following this she became a Page 3 girl for The Sun newspaper, and was voted "greatest ever Page 3 girl" in 2001. She has posed topless and semi-nude for lad mags such as Front. Degg took a break from topless modelling, preferring to remain more covered up. Jakki returned to page 3 of The Sun in August 2006 after a four-year absence. Jakki has appeared on television several times. She had a small role in the drama Is Harry on the Boat? (Sky One) and played the lead in the short film Remember My Dream, directed by Joao Costa Menezes. She was also a stand-in for the TV show The Games but was not used.

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