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Jølstravatn (or Jølstravatnet) is a lake in the municipality of Jølster in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The lake empties its water into the 20-kilometre (12 mi) long Jølstra river which then flows into the Førdefjorden. The impressive eastern arm of Jølstravatn is called Kjøsnesfjorden, although it is not a true fjord that is part of the sea. The villages of Skei, Ålhus, and Vassenden are located on the shores of the lake. The 39-square-kilometre (15 sq mi) lake is located at an elevation of 207 metres (679 ft) above sea level, and the deepest point in the lake is 233 metres (764 ft) below the water level. The lake is about 30 kilometres (19 mi) long and about 1 to 1.5 kilometres (0.62 to 0.93 mi) wide. Jølstravatn is a very good fishing lake.

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