Ib Mossin

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About Ib Mossin

Ib Mossin (3 July 1933–17 December 2004) was a Danish actor and director best known for his role as Peter in the Far Til Fire movies. He had his breakthrough as the apprentice Egon in Farlig Ungdom (Dangerous Youth), a movie about the crime scene in Copenhagen among adolescents. He also had roles in 14 of the 18 Danish films based on novels by Morten Korch. Later in his life he travelled Denmark talking about his experiences as an actor and celebrity. In 1999 he published his memoirs Filmhelt til Tiden (Moviehero on Time). Ib Mossin was born in Frederiksberg. He was son of Erik Otto Mossin, the proprietor of a larger company in Copenhagen. He spend his early years with his mother and stepfather living in Vangså in Thy. He got a job on a fishing boat in Thyborøn and later on another boat. When his stepfather died in 1951 he moved to Copenhagen where he studied acting under Danish actor Ejnar Juhl. After this brief period he got a job on a third ship where he worked for some time. Then his movie career started. At that point he was still largely unknown on the Danish film scene but he still managed to get chosen for a role in the movie Farlig Ungdom which would become a classic of

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